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Manga, DVDs, Official Toys, More!

Hello all!

Please relieve me of some Stuff!
I have manga (Trigun w/hardbacks, Crest/Banner of the Stars, Alichino, more), anime DVDs (Rozen Maiden, more), pins, official toys (Sailor Moon, Ashita no Nadja) and action figures (Evangelion, Trigun, Big O, more), and a Tenchi Muyo wallscroll and an Arslan art book. And some cosplays and cosplay pieces!

Art Books
-Heroic Legend of Arslan Newtype 100 Art Book

(All manga are US English releases, in Very Good to Like New (read once) condition.)
-Rozen Maiden v.s 1-8
-Comic Party v.s 1-3
-Crest of the Stars & Banner of the Stars I and II

-Ah! My Goddess movie
-The Great Yokai War 2-DVD set
-Legend of the Sacred Stone
-Gankutsuou 6-DVD boxed set

Wallscrolls & Pins
-Tenchi Muyo Star Wars Parody Wallscroll
-Yu Yu Hakusho Kuwabarra pin
-Cat Soup promotional pin

Action Figures
-Trigun Monev the Gale
-Neon Genesis Evangelion Eva Units 00, 01, & 02
-San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Neon Genesis Evangelion Glow in the Dark Eva Unit 01
-Neon Genesis Evangelion Rei Ayaname (w/bandages) & Asuka Langley figures
-Cowboy Bebop Spike Speigel
-The Big O (w/Roger & Dorothy) NEW IN PACKAGE
-Some figures from both original & revived Voltron (lot)
-A Captain Harlock of suspicious origin, free if you want it

Used Cosplays & Unused Cosplay Pieces
-Coming Soon!

Also, I'm available to commission to make cosplays/costumes, should you need.
See (My apologies - still under construction)
or drop me a line. :-)

Also also, I still have some Asian Ball Joint Doll items available, too, including a blue Bobobie Charisma head.
See if interested.

Click here for contact, shipping, payment, etc. info.
I haggle, but I can't trade right now.

Please note: Once I hear back from the people who have items on hold, future policy will be that I will only hold items for 24 hours.
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