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Last time, I promise. ;)

Alright, I promise this is the last time I'm going to try and sell this stuff. I lowered the prices on everything, because at this point I'm just sick of seeing everything in my room. -_-'

Photos available upon request!

j-rock CDs:
Gackt's "mizerable" single + a bunch of MALICE MIZER singles - GREAT CONDITION, bootleg, 5$
Gackt's "Diabolos" album - PERFECT CONDITON, 15$
Gackt's "The Sixth Day" album - GREAT CONDITION, bootleg - 5$
L'arc-en-Ciel's "snow drop" single - GREAT CONDITION, 5$
BUCK-TICK's "uta" single - GREAT CONDITION, 5$
indies band MIRAGE's "Syndrome" single - GREAT CONDITION, 5$

j-pop/rock magazines:
These do not come with posters, sorry.

Arena37*C June 2004 (feat. Gackt on the cover) - 10$
PatiPati May 2003 (feat. Gackt on the cover, TMR insert has been torn out, but is included) - 10$

j-rock magazine clippings:
Nightmare pack (contains 23 photos including front + back) - 7$

j-rock and anime DVDs:
Gackt's MARS concert and a biography on MALICE MIZER DVD, bootleg - 10$

X: The Series Boxset (includes all episodes of the series), bootleg, ENGLISH + JAPANESE AUDIO - 10$
Saiyuki "The Journey Begins" Vol. 1 (episodes 1-5) - 5$
Gungrave "Beyond the Grave" Vol. 1 (episodes 1-4), bootleg - 5$
Chobits "Darkness Descends" Vol. 3 (episodes 9-12) - 5$

Ju-On (the Japanese version of 'The Grudge') - 5$

english manga:
Dark Angel Vol. 1 - 5$
Tokyo Babylon Vol. 1 - 5$
Kare Kano Vol. 6 - 5$
Under the Glass Moon Vol. 1 - 5$
Flame of Recca Vol. 1 - 5$

japanese yaoi/manga:
Gushmania Vol. 2: "Self Play" yaoi anthology. This is an authentic Japanese manga book with Japanese writing, and tons of gorgeous pictures. There are a good handful of short stories in here, and even if you can't read Japanese, the pictures are definitely well worth it. Scans are available upon request. 7$

I will also ship to other countries, but shipping may cost a little more.


Paypal is highly preferred. I will accept a few other forms of payment if there is no way you can pay via Paypal, but you will need to talk to me privately.
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