sweet paradox (sweet_paradox) wrote in garagesalejapan,
sweet paradox

Hey I have TOO much stuff! Help me out buy buying my manga, Plushies, and I have a gothic lolita (egl/ Ega) corset I made for sale also! I am also open for comissions!

I will accept trades for manga, dvds, video games, clothing, cosplay items, fabric, or furoku.
Make me an offer(if you have something tell me!)!
I accept cash, paypal, mo, and checks.

*if you want more than 4 or five manga I will give you either a special price, free gift, and if you buy enough of my stuff I will give you free comics and I will pay shipping!*

Geobreeders vol #2
Marmalde boy #1[SOLD]
Red Prowling Devil #1
Crying Freeman perfect collction: portait of a killer
Video Girl ai #1
Maison Ikkoku #8,3
X/1999 #5[SOLD]
Magic Knights Rayearth 4 book boxed set #2
Get backers #1
Samurai Deeper Kyo #1
Sailor moon SuperS #1 (mixx)
Sailor Moon smile novel #1
GTO #1
Digi charat- Digiko's summer vactaion[SOLD]
Piyoko is number one[SOLD]
Full metal Panic #1,2[SOLD]
Marrionette generation #2
Gundam Wing #3
Harlem beat #1-2(SOLD)
Berserk #3,4
Pet shop of horros #1
Shonen jump issues: sep '03, Feb '04, May '05

kagome- mint with tags first/ltd ed.

here is the corset I made:

My comissions and cosplay images of some things I have made are in my cosplay.com gallery here:

If you want a corset custom made. If you have a question on pricing, what you have in mind, or want to see pics of what I have done pm me or email me at sweet.paradox@gmail.com.

you can email me about prices or trades at: sweet.paradox@gmail.com
My AIM sn: somatic paradox

Thanks guys hope to hear from you!
~sweet paradox
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