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Just a few things for sale... I've never done this before so I hope I'm doing it right. XD I need moneys~. ;_;

Prices are negotiable, yes! \o_o/

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Eerie Queerie Vol. 1-4 (shounen-ai)
How about.. eh.. $6 plus $2 for single volumes, or $20 plus $5 for all four? o_O It's a really cute story! ^^ Mangas are like new and have only been read once. No flaws at all.

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Fake Vol. 1, 2, 4, 5 (shounen-ai)
Same here, $8 for a single volume including shipping, or about $20 for all three. Don't ask me WHY I don't have vol. 3, because I have no idea. I'm retarded. Vol. 5 is not pictured because again, I'm special. XD Like New.

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Parakiss Vol. 1+2, Kodocha Vol. 1+2, Saiyuki Vol. 1
Parakiss vol. 2
Same deal as above. $8 for one volume including shipping, or $15 including shipping for two. Range from mint condition to like new.

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Dir en grey Macabre DVD
Unfortunetly, this is a bootleg (-_-), so I'm willing to take $10 including shipping.

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hide plushie (X-Japan days)
Not really wanting to part with him, but he just sits on my nightstand doing nothing. ;_; I don't know how to price him, since I bought him a long time ago, and I can't find hide plushies anywhere to know how to base the price. So.. maybe $12 plus $5 shipping? x_x *has no idea*

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Gothic & Lolita Volumes 9 & 14
Both come with pattern completely intact. ^^ (cause I can't sew..) One lacks a poster, but they are otherwise like new. Erm.. $17 with shipping for one or... $30 with shipping for both.

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Shoxx + 2 Cures
Too lazy to go look at what volume they are. XD All are like new, but lack poster. Gazette, Kagerou, and Nightmare. $17 shipping included each.

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Kagerou's XII Dizzy single
Does not come with obi (cause I'm a dumbass and I LOST it 8D). Doesn't have any cracks, a few scratches on the cover. No scratches on CD. Was just bought a month ago. $8 plus $4 shipping.

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Newgrave with Dir en grey on cover
Fair condition. Has English interview with Dir en grey (from long time ago). $5 including shipping.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Aya (Psycho le Cemu) poster
Comes from gothic & lolita bible. $5 including shipping.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Die (Dir en grey) poster
Not official. Made of sturdy material. Erm.. how's $10 including shipping? (It's a little heavy)

Like I said, all prices are negotiable. (8D I'M DESPERATE.) Unfortunetly, I can only take well-concealed cash at the moment. Here's my e-bay feedback if interested. Thanks! ♥
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