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One Last Post: Autographed BIGBANG Postcard/Photobook for Sale!

Hi there everyone! This is some-what of a feeler/accepting offers post for my Autographed Big Bang Post Card/Photo book from the concert BIGBANG IS GREAT! ^^
It has all 5 members signatures inside of it, as well as numerous postcards with pictures from one of their concerts. I am 95% sure they are authentic, but I did not get them myself, so I can't say they are for 100%. That will be your decision, seeing as most of you know more about the group than I do.
I am just a fan of their music, so I don't feel it's right I have such a cool piece of merchandise that I don't appreciate. :/ I'd rather see it in the hands of a bigger fan!

I have no idea what this would be worth, so please feel free to make offers!


Pictures can be seen behind the cut, as well as my selling policy. Thanks!

First I will start off with my policy:

I have feedback here:
As well as on eBay under the name scrapchick37.
I accept Paypal and Paypal only at this time.
I prefer to ship within the US, but other countries can be discussed. International shipping can be very expensive however, so please keep that in mind!
I usually ship on the weekends, so please have patience with me.

On to the pictures!

Here is what the outside of the book looks like:

Inside (with the first two postcards/pictures)

And the signatures (I can try and take clearer pictures if requested):





And then there's a picture like this with a close up of each member's face:

There are a lot more pictures/postcards (I don't know what to call them xD) from the concert as well. Some are really cute! ^^

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me. Please make offers as well!

Thank you all for viewing! ♥

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