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Trying again!

I still have these JROCK magazines for sale! Shipping is included in the price listed. ^______^v

I'd really really really prefer paypal. But if it's impossible for someone to pay via paypal, I will take money orders or very well concealed cash (at your own risk). If you mail cash and it never gets here, I'm not responsible. But I can say that I've never had a problem with not receiving money that someone has sent. ^_^ The posters for the three that came with them are not included. I never really intended on selling these magazines and the posters were sold (lack of space to hang so many) or given to friends previously. I'm sorry. T_T

Arena 37C - 11.2004 ON HOLD

UV 104

Shoxx bis 1 ON HOLD

Shoxx 143 - 1.2005

I also have DVD 1-5 of InuYasha and DVD 1 of Rune Soldier if anyone is interested. Offer a price.

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