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Lolita + yaoi manga

Reduced prices on manga!

Feedback can be found here and wishlist can be found here, but I'm *only* looking for the things that are top priority at the moment~

~ I am located in the US and will ship worldwide
~ Pet-free, smoke-free home
~ Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted, so please comment/PM me for a quote! ^_^
~ I accept all forms of paypal :)

Lolita fashion

I bought these last October and never wore them, not once - only tried them on. They've been in storage collecting dust, so it's time to finally give them off to someone who will appreciate them. D':

GLP blouse (size M)

My measurements are 32.5in/30in/36in and this blouse is rather snug on me, as shown here.


Off-brand gothic/sweet lolita skirt

This fits a maximum 28in waist without any stretch - which is why I'm getting rid of it, sadly, it's too small for me. It's gorgeous and puffs out without the use of a petticoat, and it's only been tried on. Can be seen modeled here.



Yaoi manga

All books are in like new condition with the usual and occasional fray in the corner. :)

June manga - $5 (discount will be applied if you buy more than one~)

(*) indicates a set - at this time, I do not wish to split sets, but ask! It depends on which volume you may want. :)

Lost Boys
Dear Myself*
World's End*
The Day I Became a Butterfly
I'll Be Your Slave

Loveholic vol. 1
Passionate Theory
Love Recipe vol. 1
Little Butterfly vol. 1*
Little Butterfly vol. 2*
Little Butterfly vol. 3*

Other manga - $4 (discount will be applied if you buy more than one~)

I Can't Stop Loving You! vol. 1*
I Can't Stop Loving You! vol. 2*
Playboy Blues vol. 1
Maid in Heaven
Love Circumstances

Thank you~! <33
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