midori_kunochi (midori_kunochi) wrote in garagesalejapan,

[selling]: Heisei Ishin CDs, Cure mag, Malice Mizer

Selling a few random things here to prepare for some life changes in the near future. All items ship from JAPAN, by either basic airmail (cheap, but uninsured) or EMS (more expensive, but insured). Feel free to make a reasonable offer! Paypal is accepted, but I can also accept international money orders for those of you without access to Paypal.

1- Set of Heisei Ishin CDs and comment/live clip DVDs.

2- Cure magazine #67, April 2009. Main artists featured: Moran, Kamijo, Irokui, 176BIZ. Features many many more. In near-perfect condition.

Asking for 500 yen.

3- Malice Mizer File: eternite 1997 - 2001. This HUGE magazine was published by UV (Ultra Veat) and compiles articles about Malice Mizer from their magazine, from Oct. 1997 up to Nov. 2001. Complete with full color photos. 37 articles in all. This is more like a book than a magazine! It's in near-perfect condition.

Asking for 1500 yen.

I have 100% positive feedback on eBay, a feedback back here on LJ(http://midori-kunochi.livejournal.com/95615.html), as well as satisified customers from my shopping service. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, request a shipping cost estimate, or bargain a bit.
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