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12 September 2010 @ 05:08 pm

**Updated 09/10/2010**
Japanese Language Study
Japanese Magazines 
Visual Kei Fashion

(H.Naoto sub-brand: H.Anarchy....)
At this time, I am accepting paypal payments only. I do not hold items for any reason
I am not accepting trades.
I willship worldwide.
All items will be shipping from the USA.
Please ask for a shipping costs (include zip code or country to be shipped).
300+ POSITIVES FEEDBACKS through ebay! (ask for the link)


#1) Aural Vampire: ZOLTANK  **JUST bought from their concert @ ACen on May 15th $15 


#1) H. Anarchy (H.Naoto sub-brand) Jacket; black with red stitching. Will fit about a Men's L $30


#1) Shoxx Vol. 202 (12/2009) Cover features the GazettE $7 

#2) Shoxx Vol. 199 (9/2009) Cover features the GazettE $7 **SOLD** 

#3) Shoxx Vol. 192 (2/2009) Cover features Alice Nine $7

#4) Fools Mate (9/2009) Cover features Alice Nine $7

#5) Five For ****magazine written in English**** (Mar/Apr 2009) Cover features Vidoll $4

Everything Else:

#1) **Top right in picture** Living Language Interactive Flashcard Software (includes computer software disc, orginal box) $5
#2) **Bottom left in picture** Using Japanese Slang, A Comprehensive Guide 246pg Book $5


If you have any questions, just ask :)