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*Attention Buyers*

To the mods of the community:
I'm sorry if this post is not on topic, but since this is a selling/auction community I thought it would be all right to do a general "contacting the buyers" post. Again, sorry if this isn't allowed.

Continuing on...

I would like for people who bid on items on THIS POST please reply and let me know if you've gotten my address wrong, or have been delayed in sending payment. Please check the list below to see if you need to contact me:

- vampire_damned
- usawusa
- jackyra
- luna_scout
- misscarlos
- shinigamikender
- kagura17
- poke_my_arm
- surfgirl83
- reset_panda

If you see your name on here, please send an e-mail my way at pierrotseven[at]hotmail[dot]com to let me know if you intend to continue with the sale. Thank you~

Edit: Thank you misscarlos, luna_scout, reset_panda, surfgirl83, shinigamikender and usawusa for all getting back to me~

- Korie
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