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For Sale~!

Hey everyone! Just got back from a trip and decided to purge out a little bit of my collection. I'm starting out small right now but i'll have more in the next coming weeks. So please come check it out, and don't heasitate to make offers as well!:

Trades: I'm somewhat open to trades so show me what you have.
All Manga is $4 dollars each. Manga is in good condition unless otherwise noted. (I will have pictures soon hopefully i'm trying to find my cameras wire that has been misplaced). If you buy complete sets or buy more than 3 books i'll give you Media Rate Shipping and Tracking for free.

Sorcerer Hunters (Old big Flipped versions) Vols. 1-13, Price for Set: $45
*Good condition a few of the volumes have yellowed edges due to age, and light shelf wear.

Bleach Vols. 1-6, 10-14, Price for Set: $40
*Good condition Some volumes have light shelf wear and yellowing edges due to age. Vol. 14 has a bit more wear than the others, a bent corner on the front cover and some creasing on the front and back. Because of this it's only $2.

Naruto Vols. 1-14, 31, Price for Set: $50
*Good condition again some volumes have light shelf wear and yellowing edges due to age. Vol. 31 hasn't even been removed from the plastic wrap.

Wild Adapter Vol. 2
*Good condition, hasn't been removed from plastic wrap so practically brand new.

I also have more Anime items here:
Please don't heasitate to make offers, and we can deal outside of bonanzle its just that there are pictures up there of the items I have for sale.

I will have more items coming as soon as I find my camera wires and go through everything. I have a lot of doujinshi to pick through among other things.

I have feedback here on GsaleJapan but here are some other places:

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