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30 September 2010 @ 07:48 am
THIS STUFF HAS TO GO!!! JRock/JPop CDs, DVDs, Magazines, and MORE!!  
First of all, thank you to everyone that has taken a look at what I have and helped me out! Unfortunately I still need money (and space) badly, so I am revamping this post so that it has EVERYTHING I am selling on it to make it easier for anyone that comes to browse. Thank you all for looking, and please don't hesitate to ask questions and make offers - Prices are Negotiable :)

New items have been added and MAGAZINE AND CD PRICES REDUCED 10-20% as of 10/1/10, so take a look :)

Note: Please be sure to read the "Payment and Shipping Details" section before responding or messaging me as to make things run more smoothly. Thank you.

Payment: I accept PayPal, US Money Orders, and Concealed Cash (In USD and at Sender's Own Responsibility. Anyone choosing to use PayPal will be asked to make up the fee difference. I will calculate it for you.
Shipping: If you are interested in an item(s), please comment with the name of the items(s) and your Zip Code (if located in the USA) or your Country and I can give you a shipping estimate. Delivery Confirmation is available in the USA for an additional $.80 - please let me know up front if you want this added on. I ship as cheap as possible, unless buyer requests different.
☆Shipping prices are Non-negotiable, however, multiple purchases WILL get a discount depending on the number of items☆

★Only serious inquiries please. If you ask me about and item, please have the courtesy to let me know if you are not interested after my reply. I can hold items for up to a week, unless otherwise discussed.★

Trades: I am willing to trade for Dir en grey (particularly older singles - almost anything before Kasumi, and Magazines) and Mucc items only. Please comment with what you have and for white items you would like to trade. Thanks!

JRock/VK CDs, Singles, etc.

Aikawa Nanase

Crimson --- $9
Condition: Very good. Case, disc, and booklet in very good condition. Comes with cardboard sleeve. No Obi.
Foxtrot --- $9
Condition: Good to Very Good. Case and booklet in excellent condition. A few minor scratched on disc. No Obi.
Feature: Comes with an extra live mini single.
ID --- $8
Condition: Good to Very Good. Booklet and disc in great condition. Case has some storage wear. No Obi.
Paradox --- $8
Condition: Good. Disc has a few minor scratches and booklet has marks where it was inserted incorrectly (as for pics if interested). No Obi.
Red --- $8
Condition: Good. Disc has a few minor scratches, booklet is slightly bent. No Obi.

Buy the lot for $35 (shipping not included)


Sukebe Boy Single --- $4
Condition: Good. On small scratch that does not affect play. No Obi.


Condition: Good. Comes with cardboard cover which has some wear due to age. Disc and booklet is good condition. Also comes with extra singles booklet.
Note: The color of this photo is off, please ask if you would like more pictures.

Dir en grey

KIMON (DVD) --- $30
Condition: Very Good. Has been watched very few times. Comes with Obi.
Macabre (First Pressing with Beads and Etched Cover) --- $20 SOLD
Sticker Set (2002 Tour) --- $10
Condition: Practically brand new. Have been kept in a plastic sleeve and never used.
Tour '05 It Withers and Withers Autographed DVD --- $35 SOLD

Janne da arc

Another Story --- $8
Condition: Very Good. Comes with Obi.
D・N・A --- $8
Condition: Good. Some case wear and small crack. Comes with Obi.

Buy both for $12

Malice Mizer

merveilles (First Press edition booklet style) --- $20 SOLD


MISERY --- $9
Condition: Very Good. Disc in great condition. Comes with Obi.


1999 Tour Book/Pamphlet --- $15
Description: 10 full color pages. About 12"x12".
Condition: Fair. Has some pencil marks on back cover and minimal wrinkles on the front. Could probably be remedied by flat storage. More pictures available on request.

Raphael NOTE: I also have a full collection of Raphael VHS music video clips as well as the Kazuki Memorial vid if anyone is interested :D Asking price would be $20 for each VHS - discount available for multiple purchases.

Chabangeki Sono Ni --- $8
Condition: Very good. Some wear on the case and obi. Disk in great condition.


Dear LIFE (Single) --- $4
Condition: Good. Obi included, but has a tear.
Feature: Comes with Postcard.

TM Revolution

triple joker --- $9
Condition: Good. Some play wear and one small crack on back of case. No Obi.
Special Feature: Comes with computer feature including PV clip, profile, bio, and TMR game.


321 --- $15
Condition: Very good. Comes with plastic outer casing. Disc and booklet is great condition. Comes with fold up booklet and set of stickers.

X Japan

DAHLIA --- $9
Condition: Fair - Good. Disc has a scratch, very minor. Two pages no longer connected to booklet. Booklet is extra thick and binding did not hold. Picture of booklet pages can be found here.

Visual Magazines (listed by cover artist)

Alice Nine

FOOL'S MATE - #335; Sept. 2009 --- $5
Condition: Very good. Kept in plastic. Was not sold with poster.
Features: Alice Nine, Acid Black Cherry, Kiyoharu, Nightmare, cali≠gari, etc.


UV - Vol. 71; 2001 --- $10
Condition: Good. Has some minimal wear around the corners. Comes with Poster.
Features: Gackt, SIAM SHADE, BUCK-TICK, Plastic Tree, Dir en grey, and more.


SHOXX - Vol. 169; 2007 --- $5
Condition: Good. Kept in plastic. No Poster.
Features: Kagrra, Nightmare, Alice Nine, The Gazette, MUCC, etc.


SHOCK WAVE - #12; 2008 --- $10
Condition: Good. Has some creasing from reading on the spine and some damage on corners from storage.
Features: MUCC, LM.C, Versailles, Girugamesh, and more.


SHOXX - Vol.170; 2007 --- $5
Condition: Very Good. Kept in plastic. Comes with poster that has never been used.
Features: Nightmare, Kagrra, MUCC, D'espairsRay, Alice Nine, etc.

the GazettE

SHOXX - Vol. 157; 2006 --- $5
Condition: Good. Kept in plastic. No Poster.
Features: The Gazette, MUCC, Miyavi, SID, Ayabie, etc.
SHOXX - Vol. 172; 2007 --- $5
Condition: Very Good. Kept in plastic. Poster can be taken off wall - will have tape on non-Gazette side.
Features: The Gazette, Nightmare, Kagrra, MUCC, Plastic Tree, etc. Comes with translation of The Gazette article.


WHAT's IN? - No. 273; 2010 --- $5
Condition: Good. Has some wear around the corners and a crease on the bottom right, front side.
Features: SID, Remioromen, Tokyo Jihen, and more.

JPop CDs, Singles, etc.

Morning Musume

Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ (Single) --- $4
Condition: Very Good. Obi included.
Condition: Very good. Comes in cardboard case with extra photo booklet. No Obi.

Natsukawa Rimi

Singles Collection vol. 1 --- $8
Condition: Very Good. Comes with obi.

Onitsuka Chihiro

Insomnia --- $9
Condition: Very Good. Comes with obi.

Soul'd Out

LIVE AT NIPPON BUDOKAN ~ Tour 2007 "Single Collection" DVD~ --- $20
Condition: Good - Very Good. Contains two discs, both in good condition. Booklet has some wear. Comes with stickers.


RECYCLE Greatest Hits of SPITZ --- $9
Condition: Very good. Obi included.

Tokyo Jihen

Education (Kyoiku) --- $8
Condition: Good. Some minor creases on booklet. No obi.

Tsuchiya Anna

Rose (Single) --- $4
Condition: Good-Very Good. No Obi.

Japanese Horror Movies

Reincarnation (輪廻) --- $8.50
Condition: Good.
Features: Part of "8 Films To Die For" collection. Japanese language with English and Spanish subtitles. Bonus features include: The Making of Reincarnation, Deleted Scenes with commentaries, Director interview, and Trailers.

Japanese Literary Books/Novels
These are books that I used during my studies at UMass Amherst in the Japanese program. I am offering them much cheaper than the school charged. Pictures and descriptions available on request!

☆Memoirs of a Geisha --- $5 SOLD
☆The Bridegroom Was a Dog - Yoko Tawada --- $5
☆Kitchen - Yoshimoto Banana --- $5
☆The Dancing Girl of Izu - Yasunari Kawabata --- $5
☆The Waiting years - Fumiko Enichi --- $7
☆Tangled Hair: Selected Tanka from Midaregami - Akiko Yosano --- $10
Includes 165 tanka poems along with their original Japanese counterparts and explanations.
☆Be a Woman: Hayashi Fumiko and Moders Japanese Women's Literature - Joan E. Ericson ---$10

Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.
Thank you!
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Neve Noirpinpun on September 30th, 2010 12:42 pm (UTC)
I'm interesting buy
How much shipping are to Finland?
★SHOXX - Vol.170; 2007 --- $5
★SHOCK WAVE - #12; 2008 --- $10

Maybe interesting if this english...
☆Memoirs of a Geisha --- $5
虜kanawanuyume on September 30th, 2010 10:36 pm (UTC)
Memoirs of a Geisha is in English, so let me know on that one :D

The magazines might get pretty pricey because they are heavy. To be on the safe side, I would like to get a quote directly from the Post Office and ask them what the cheapest way to ship would be.

I will get back to you tomorrow, if that is OK?
Neve Noirpinpun on October 1st, 2010 11:52 am (UTC)
Okey, then I got Memoira of a Geisha too with those magazines^^