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30 September 2010 @ 02:19 pm
Seeking Gatomon for her Collection  
So yah, as a kid I LOVED Gatomon/Tailmon dearly. She was my favorite digimon, and to this day while I like more, she is still my number one kitty! So! I have recently decided to start seeking out toys to add to my collection. So far I have the season one gatomon beanie with the :3 face, as you will see in the below picture, a large talking gatomon toy, a winking one, two crouching figures(one painted as black gatomon), the DQ plushie, ect. So, im pretty much looking for anything I dont have XD but there are some specifics. What do I have to offer? Well I can pay, as long as its not too expensive D8 im a college student so...yah ;xD but I can offer trades to! In these pictures below, I have some extras that came from ebay lots I can offer!

Seeking this

Click here for what I have to offer and more! So, PLEASE CLICK! XDD