Miss Moonlight ☆ Glückskind (akogare) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Miss Moonlight ☆ Glückskind

[sale] Super Junior

Please take these off my hands, I'm seriously sick of having them sitting around.

Shipping from Germany. Prices do not include shipping and are negotiable, but please be reasonable.

Super Junior - U Taiwan Special Edition - 10€

K-Pop Super Live in Saitama features performances of Super Junior, Shinhwa, Buzz, Tei, Wheesung, Minwoo, Jun Jin, and more. Comes with two cards of SuJu and Shinhwa - 15€ (Japanese DVD so RC2)

Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (Ultimate Edition), 25€
Out of Print, comes with 3 DVDs, photo cards and a cloth thing, Korean Version so RC3!
Tags: music: kpop
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