Seirya (seirya1990) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling TeniMyu DVD and Wig

Hello everybody~

I'd like to sell my DVD of the Prince of Tennis Musical. It's the Dream Live 5th, limited edition and the extra is included and hasn't been unpacked. There are 2 DVDs and I watched it only once! Everything's in perfect condition!! ^^

I imported this from Japan and was really super expensive =/ I'm asking for 80€ here and this is by far not the price I paid >___<

One more picture of the discs =)

I also want to sell a wig I bought for one convention. It's from China and not human hair but still, it does look very real in my opinion.
I wore it just once for 3 hrs and then didn't really know how to use it anymore ^^; maybe there are people out there who would like to have a really real looking wig just for fun to go out or for conventions? I'll put a picture of the wig itself and me wearing it on that day, before I left the house. If someone would like to see other pictures, just ask =)

I payed 50€ for it and since it's been used, I'd like to get at least 25€ for it, as it's still in perfect condition, I washed it after I used it on that day and it's really in perfect condition. The curls won't  hang themselves out. And it's really nice to wear ^^ Washing instructions are included in Chinese as well as in English. So you'll also know how to treat the wig and keep it in perfect condition~

I only accept PayPal or, if you're from Germany, Banktransfer. I ship from Germany to everywhere in the world =) Shipping is not included in the prices.
Prices are negotiable to a certain amount, but it should be reasonable!

So, hopefully someone's interested. If so, just leave me a comment here ^^
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