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Because I was a doof and did something stupid [in my opinion, at least]

I have in my possession a sealed 2-disc set of Final Fantasy: Advent Children and the OAV. I got this on accident when I went to pick up my reserved copy, not knowing that the domestic release had been delayed again.

This is NOT OFFICIAL! It's all-region, will play on any DVD player and is subbed in English, but I can't vouch for quality or crappiness of the subs as I'm not opening the disc.

If you're interested, I'm asking $35 + shipping for it.

If I don't get an offer, I'm returning it to the store and bitching at them for selling me bootlegs and passing it off as authentic. >.<

Leave a comment here if you're interested.

I accept payment via Paypal only. No credit card payments!
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