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WANTED: YOSHIKI POSTERS +selling fruits clothes, cds

I'm seeking Yoshiki posters...but have very little money *cry* so if you have any for $15 incl shipping to CO or less I'll love you! I have only 2 hide and 1 X japan poster so there won't be anything I already have TT
I can also trade or partial trade with DIY fruits clothing and accessories, Inuyasha DVDs, manga, The Gospellers CD (good jpop!), Ranma 1/2 Song Calendar CD, Vietnamese pop CD, see everything here: http://photobucket.com/albums/b332/Kerushi_no_hidechan/sell%20or%20trade/
these are also for sale, please make an offer if you like something! note: the outfit for sale includes skirt, kimono jacket, thigh-high legwarmers, not belt. Can be sold separately.
(((also selling manga: Alice 19th vol. 1 decent condition and HunterXHunter vol. 15 JAPANESE good condtion))
art/clothing/cosplay commissions ((for commissioning please see my works at http://kerushi.deviantart.com))
Please and thank you!

...If you're worried about validity or anything, I'm the daughter of the seller "mypacrat" on ebay, so you can check his feedback
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