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Please Please buy my stuff!

All prices include shipping the USA!
Take $1 off each additional item you purchase!
FREE random 10 sheets of Cute Japan/Sanrio Note Paper with any purchase!

-Aneglic Pretty Pink Cutsew $64
-2 Anna Tsuchiya singles $8
-Nana Volume 1 (in Japanese) $5
-Lead Movies 1 DVD $7
-3 Gab, 2 Vinyl Syndicate, 2TR magazines $10
-Lagoon Engine manga (English) 1-3 $6
-3 Puffy CD's $14
-Smap - 009 CD $5
-Princess Princess - Dolls in Action CD $5
-DJ OZMA - I ♥ Party people (NEW SEALED CD!) $10
-hide Plush Doll (small size) $10
-Pita Ten Vol. 1 Japanese Manga $3
-Bastard Vol. 1 Japanese Manga $3
-Kaiken Phase Vol. 13 Japanese Manga $3
-Jing Vol. 4 English Manga $3
-Duel Jewel Iolite x 3 (I have 3 of these!) Poster $5 each.
-Duel Jewel es Poster $5
-Duel Jewel Life On... Poster $5
-Plastic Tree utsusemi Poster $5
-WaT 36c Poster $5

$64 (keep in mind a new cutsew direct from AP at the price this was would cost you $127, and that's BEFORE shipping!)
Never worn, with tags. It's been in storage for 3 years, so it's not quite as shiny as brand new.
Official Measurments are: Length 49.5cm, Shoulder width 32cm, waist 74cm, bust 83cm, sleeve length 65cm.

$8 Change your life is lightly used, good condition, no skips. Kuroi Namida is practicaly new.

$5 Nana Volume 1 Japanese Language graphic novel. Good used condition.

$7 Good used condition, REGION 2! Japan version. Will only play on region 2, or region free player.

$10 Please look here for list of who is in each magazine

$6 Lagoon Engline, 3 English language volumes. NEW never even read, but may have light shelf wear.

$14 3 Puffy full album CD's, solo solo comes with 2 disks, and doesn't have the original case.
All may have light surface scratches due to age, but I just listened to them all and they all play fine with no skips. you can see track lists here

$5 good used condition, may have light surface scratches, plays fine, no skips.
full 10 track album you can see tracklist here

$5 good used condition, may have light surface scratches, plays fine, no skips.
full 11 track album you can see tracklist here

$10 NEW Sealed! Never been opened! Bought for a gift but then the person didn't need it.
To buy this CD new is about $27 (before shipping!) at the current exchange rate!
Buy from me for amazing savings!
There is 15 tracks on this album!

$10 hide plush doll, has tags "inches. Looks a bit old and worn from being on display for years.

$3 Pita Ten Vol. 1 Japanese language manga. Good condition, light shelf wear.
Cover has some discoloration.

$3 Bastard Vol. 1 Japanese Language Manga.
Good condition, may have some light shelf wear.

$3 Kaikan Phase vol. 13 Japanese Language manga.
Good condition, may have some light shelf wear.

$3 Jing Vol. 4 English Language Manga.
Decent condition, has some shelf wear and usage wear.

$5 each. I have 3 of these! They are all NEW, never used.
Full size Iolite Promo Poster 28.5 x 20 inches.

$5 New, never used.
Full size es Promo Poster 28.5 x 20 inches.

$5. It's new & never been used BUT there is a tear on the top right above Hayato's head.
Full size life on.../aishuu melonchola Promo Poster 28.5 x 20 inches.

$5. New and never used.
Full size utsusemi Promo Poster 28.5 x 20 inches.

$5. New and never used.
36c promo poster. A bit smaller than the usual full size. 23x16 inches.

If you're serious about buying, please feel free to ask any questions!
I prefer Paypal as payment.
Will consider concealed cash IF you have it in the mail within 3 days and email me once it's sent.
I have feedback at many various places, there are links to all places HERE
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