Luah (geminis27) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Doujinshi Sale

★Doujinshi Sale★

Selling bunch of doujinshis!
Please click above link for more information!

The following DRRR/Reborn Doujinshi Titles are my second copies, which I really want them to be taken!!

Loveless Loveliness (Izaya Uke Anthology)
Sweets Jack!! (Shizuo x Izaya)
However, it's beloved, isn't it? (Kasuka x Shizuo)
Bad Habit Bell (Akabayashi x Shiki x Izaya)
幸福論 (Shizuo x Akane)
Gift (Mukuro x Tsuna + Chrome)

Prices have been lowered for most doujinshis :)
Negotiation is acceptable if buying more than 1 doujinshis XD 

I've also opened Korean NT/Light Novel & Manwha ordering service!
If anyone is interest at getting the Korean version books but can't find a way, please feel free to ask!
It's mostly for Countries outside of Asia.(Items will be shipped from US)
Please click the HERE for more information!


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