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Learn to Speak/Write Japanese!

Have you ever wanted to learn Japanese? Well here's your chance. :D

"Japanese At A Glance: Phrase Book and Dictionary for Travelers" (461 pages) - 7$ incl. sh+h.

"Pocket Japanese Dictionary" (450 pages) - 7$ incl. sh+h.

"Making Out In Japanese - A Guide to Japanese As It's Really Spoken!" (128 pages) - 7$ incl. sh+h.

"Japanese Grammar" (241 pages) - 7$ incl. sh+h.

"Teach Yourself: Beginner's Japanese Script" (208 pages) - 8$ incl. sh+h.

All of these books are free of marks and are in excellent condition except for normal shelf wear.

my feedback list.

payment methods:
Paypal is highly preferred. I will accept a few other forms of payment if there is no way you can pay via Paypal, but you will need to talk to me privately.
E-mail it to liarsenic@thrice.net

If more than one person wants an item, it will go to whoever can pay first. I'm sorry, but that's the only fair way for both parties.
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