Jolli (jolli_sells) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Concert Goods Preorder!


I am taking pre-orders for Kanjani8 and Dir en Grey concert Goods.
For anybody interested in goods from those concerts, please write me a PM

Please leave me a comment at the appropriate entry, write me a PM or if you prefer e-mail -> jolli_sells[at]gmx[dot]de
Please read my general conditions here before you order. For my feedback, go and take a look -> here. I am confident enough to say that it's very good feedback♥

Pre-orders for Kanjani8 Goods -> here
[Deadline for Payment: 27th November]

Pre-orders for Dir en Grey Goods -> here
[Deadline for Payment: 08th November]

In the case that you want stuff from Yahoo!Auctions, go -> here.

In the case that you want some magazines or other stuff you can just get if you live in Japan, just write me a mail or PM and I will see how I can help you.

Thank you in advance~
Tags: collectibles, idols: johnny's, music: jrock
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