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Jrock stuff! Mags, Camino CDs, autographs, message CDs, posters, PLC pins, purse, ROLLY towel!

My hours at work have been cut MAJORLY and I really need some extra money to pay bills!

I'm selling lots of jrock magazines + some extra posters, autographed Camino CDs, message discs, autograph cards, and a nice Japanese brand purse. Please take a look!!! ^__^ I have issues of Zy, Shoxx, Arena, Newsmaker! Magazines priced between $3-5

This post is extremely image heavy. I recommend letting all images load before trying to view everything. ^^

Please make sure you read all the details of this post (price, shipping, payment method, etc.) before contacting me.

***Magazines are listed in no particular order! I am also willing to consider reasonable offers on all items!***

Arena July 2005 - Rag Fair cover (w/double-sided poster) - $3
T.M. Revolution, miyavi, 3B LAB., FLAME, Kra, SE7EN, Phantasmagoria, others.


Shoxx June 2005 - Psycho le Cemu cover (20 Page special w/stickers) - $5
Plastic Tree, Nightmare, miyavi, SID, others.

2nd picture is the sticker sheet that is included.


Arena August 2006 - alice nine cover (w/double-sided poster) - $3
T.M.Revolution, KAT-TUN, miyavi, Rain, Merry, others.

Poster has been hung using sticky photo squares. There is some discoloration at the corners.


Fool's Mate October 2003 - MUCC cover - $4
Dir en grey, Pierrot, Buck-Tick, Gackt, baroque, Psycho le Cemu, HYDE, others.


Shoxx July 2005 - miyavi cover (18 page special w/poster) - $5
Plastic Tree, Psycho le Cemu, Kagrra, D'espairsRay, MUCC, Scissor, alice nine, 12012, others.


Arena August 2005 - T.M.Revolution cover - $3
SOPHIA, Takui, Kra, miyavi, Nightmare, others.


Arena July 2006 - Tsuyoshi Domoto (Enlicheri * Endlicheri) cover (w/glossy photograph) - $3
Janne da Arc, RAG FAIR, T.M.Revolution, miyavi, Nightmare, alice nine, Gazette, others.

Second picture is the glossy photo that is included.


Arena June 2005 - w-inds. Cover (w/poster) - $3
Lead, FLAME, T.M.Revolution, Orange Range, miyavi, Gackt, RAG FAIR, Takui, Phantasmagoria, SE7EN, others.


Arena April 2005 - w-inds. cover - $3
T.M.Revolution, miyavi, FLAME, Lead, Dir en grey, Gackt, seek (Psycho le Cemu), Kra, others.


Arena October 2004 - Rag Fair cover (22 pages w/ double-sided poster) - $3
T.M.Revolution (20 pages), miyavi, Orange Range, w-inds., baroque, Psycho le Cemu, others.


Newsmaker July 2005 - Naotaro Noriyama cover (w/post card page) - $3
L'Arc~en~Ciel, Orange Range, miyavi, Gackt, w-inds., J, FAKE?, others.

Second picture is of the sheet of postcards included.


Zy 23 July/August 2005 - Ryutarou cover (w/poster [Tourbillon on opposite] and CD extra) - $5
Tourbillon, La'Cryma Christi, Hakuei, SID, others.



***Posters that are indicated as having discoloration will have something similar to this:

It is more noticeable on light areas and less so on dark areas.***

Arena June 2008 Nightmare poster (double-sided) - $2


Arena October 2003 Psycho le Cemu poster - $2

Has been hung with photo squares. There is some discoloration on the corners. There is also a rough edge on the top left corner where it looks like the poster was torn slightly. However, it is quite small and does not affect the image on the poster at all.


Cure May 2005 alice nine poster - $2

Poster has been hung with photo squares, so there is some discoloration on the corners. Also, it managed to get torn while hanging on my wall. Not sure how. I woke up one morning and noticed it. It's strange since the tear is around the middle of the poster, on Saga's stomach. I've included a picture of it. I patched it up a bit with some clear tape on both sides. It may be possible to gently remove the tape and do a better job of fixing it, but I will leave that to the buyer to attempt. The tear is not over any of the members' faces, so the poster still looks pretty nice. ^^



ROLLY Quattro Show Tour Towel - $20

Towel was purchased from Yahoo Japan auctions and is in excellent, new condition. I have never used it and have never had it out for more than a few minutes at a time...just looking at it really. It's around 34 inches across and 14 inches tall. Has text, which includes tour dates as the background.


Psycho le Cemu pins - $12 for the set of 3 (Daishi SOLD) / $4 each

This pin set was purchased in 2004 at A-kon. They were briefly used, but have been stored away for the last few years. I have Aya, Seek and Lida.

While the pins have been used, they are still in good condition. There is some light scratching on the surface, but is only noticeable if you look very closely and turn the pins a certain way. From straight on, they look pretty much perfect.


Sugar autographed photo - $4

Received with a CD, signed in silver marker.


Nightmare photos (part of a photoset)- Sakito and Yomi - $2 each


Megamasso message disc (yuki shitatari hoshi) - $2


Panic Channel message disc (Invisible Line) - $2



Camino "arise" CD - $12

Autographed at A-kon 2004. From when Jun was vocalist.


Camino "IC brain" CD - $12

Autographed at A-kon 2004. From when Jun was vocalist.

***These are signed on the back insert that goes inside the CD, not on the case itself, so the signatures are well protected.***



Japanese Brand "ACCESSORIES" purse/handbag - $40

Purchased from Maruione in the 2nd half of 2009. Carried several times, but never for very long. It is a faux leather material in a beautiful red color. It is also quite large as I've tried to show in the picture of the inside. It has handles and a longer shoulder strap, which can be adjusted. It has gold-tone hardware, which tends to leave some black smudges on the bag, but it is easily removable with a damp cloth. It features a zipper on the back, one on each side, 2 slit pockets and another zip pocket inside, and 4 little feet on the bottom. The bag zips closed on the top and is lined in gray and white polka dot material. It also has a tag that can be used for an identification card. It has an emblem on one side and a clear plastic window on the other. A small piece of thread has come loose on it, but it can probably be clipped off. There is some wear on the handles, which I have pictured. This back originally cost over $100 including shipping, so I think this is a pretty good deal considering how awesome the bag is and how little it's been used!


Shipping: Prices apply to U.S destinations. Ask about International prices.

I do combine shipping if you purchase multiple items.

$5 Priority Flat Rate Envelope (does not have additional padding)
$10 Priority in a bubble mailer

Posters, Autograph cards, photos, & postcards:
$2 First Class in a document mailer
$5 Priority Flat Rate Envelope

$3 First Class in a bubble mailer
$5 Priority in a bubble mailer

Coming soon! I'm currently trying to get measurements and weight so I can calculate the charges.

***Insurance or other additional services cost extra. Please ask about extras prior to paying so I can add the cost in to the total. I've never had items lost or damaged in transit, but I will not be responsible for such issues if buyers do not purchase insurance. Also, I CAN NOT add tracking to First Class or Priority packages.*** I usually ship on Thursday/Friday of each week.

Payment: PayPal ONLY! Absolutely NO eChecks (they take too long to clear). Payment required within 3 days.

Trades: I'm not currently interested in trades.

Other: If you ask about an item and do not pay, I will not remind you about it. It is up to you to keep track of the days and your payment. If payment is not received in the required time, I will continue to offer it for sale to other people. Additionally, if you ask me to hold an item, I can only allow 24 hours at this time.

Please, please DO NOT comment to entries in my person journal in order to ask about items. Ask here. If you can't post, maybe you're not a member. Join, then try commenting. I've had a couple of people comment to my Friends Only entry asking about items that have already been sold and it's kind of annoying. If you post there, I will delete your comment. I do not conduct sales through my person journal. Sorry.
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