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Last Chance: few hours left in Giant English Manga Sale, all gone tonight!

Out of Print and Rare Sets, rare Yaoi, Classic and rarely sold English manga:  Gone and you've missed it.

A GIANT sale of Yaoi, Out of Print, Shoujo, Shonen sets, most complete or up to date. HURRY!  This is the last big sale I am having: gone is gone!  Viz Signature Manga, Drama Queen, Blu, 801 Media, DMP, Netcomics, Del Rey, Tokyopop, Yen Press, ADV, Go!comi, Onecomic and more.  Go to sale click: HERE 

Titles (including 40+ lots sold) with illustrations at my journal HERE


Let's Dai 1-15 Complete: rare yaoi
 (Still $44.95), netcomics, never seen a complete set sold, and $3 a volume?
Madness 1-2 (Yaoi) NEW complete BLU (still $6.99) - sells for $32
Electric Hands: yaoi (Retail $13, only $4.99)
Ruff Love (NEW rare Yaoi): (OOP and $60-80, still $34)
Scarlet SEALED new Yaoi ($14.95, still $5.99)
In the Walnut 1-2 Complete NEW June/DMP (RRP $26: still $10.49) - just released a week ago, at bargain price.
Duo Brand: Kiss Your Hair & Shards of Affection (each still only $5.99)
Love is Like a Hurricane 2-5 (still $18.95), these rare and HOT yaoi for only $4.50 each?
Goth Sealed NEW (selling: $11, Still 3.99)
Doors into Chaos: Goth and Lush (still 5.75)
World Exists for Me 1-2: Gothic (Still $5.85)
Dragon Girl NEW: RRP $21 (Still only $7.48)
Rebound 1-6: (still 13.95) just over $2 a volume
Real/Fake Princess 1-5 NEW OOP (still 14.95)
Forbidden Dance 1-4 complete OOP (still $12.99)
Can't Lose You 1-6 NEW & Complete and OOP (Set to buy costs: $135 - volume 6 sells for $70 alone, Vol 3 for $30)
Black Jack 1-2 manga (still $9.99) - never go on sale, retail $34
Ode to Kirohito (complete series by creator of black Jack, still $14.95 - less than half price)
Death Note 1-8   (Still $21) - NEW manga of this popular series about $2.50 a volume
Full Metal Panic 1-9 Complete OOP (still $34) - out of print, very rare to see full and NEW/AS NEW set.
Hellsing 1-9 (Still $29.00) complete but recently released volume together and at a bargain price.
Couple 1-3 OOP (Still $8.45 for set)

Let Dai 1-15 NEW OOP, Love is Like a Hurricane 2-5 OOP, Kiss Your Hair NEW Duo Brand, In the Walnut 1-2 (NEW), Just Around the Corner NEW, Love Circumstances NEW, Electric Hands NEW, Love Knot BLU NEW, Madness 1-2 NEW COMPLETE, Love/Knot June NEW, Physical Attraction NEW, Reversible NEW, Shards of Affection Duo Brand NEW, Love Control NEW&SEALED, Scarlet NEW BLU, Future Lovers 1-2 NEW, Ruff Love NEW, Awaken Forest RARE

The Wanderer Full Moon 1-2 COMPLETE OOP
New Series: 
Dragon Girl complete anthology, Flower in a Storm 1-2 NEW COMPLETE, 13th Boy 1-5 NEW COMPLETE, Hellsing 1-9, Alice in the Country of Hearts 1-3 NEW, Takeru Opera Susanah Sword of the Devil 1-4 NEW COMPLETE, Bokurano Ours 1-2 NEW COMPLETE Viz Signature
Netcomics: OOP
Can’t Lose You 1-6 New complete (oop, selling $200), June 1-2 complete, 0/6 Zero/Six 1-2 NEW, In the Starlight 1-2 NEW OOP,
Yen Press: 
Welcome to Wakaba-soh 1-2 NEW COMPLETE, Black God 1-3 new
OOP and Complete:
Oyayubihime Infinity 1-6 NEW, Yggdrasil 1-2 complete NEW, Full Metal Panic 1-9, Crossroads 1-7 NEW COMPLETE OOP, Juvenile Orion 1-5 NEW COMPLETE OOP, Forbidden Dance 1-4 NEW COMPLETE OOP, Les Bijoux 1-5 NEW COMPLETE OOP, Wolf’s Rain 1-2 NEW COMPLETE OOP, Couple 1-3 NEW COMPLETE OOP
GOTH NEW & SEALED, Welcome to the NHK 1-8 NEW COMPLETE, Doors of Chaos 1-2 NEW COMPLETE, Rebound 1-6, The Good Witch of the West 1-5 NEW, Gimmick 1-2 NEW, Seduction more beautiful than love (Josei) 1-2 complete,

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