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jrock, manga for sale

I need money and am trying to clear out some CDs and DVDs; prices are negotiable.
I will ship anywhere; I accept Paypal ONLY.

CDs and DVDs by:

  • Crave (with Ju-ken currently w/VAMPS)
  • Deen
  • ends (Ryoichi Endo, Soft Ballet)
  • Gackt
  • L'Arc~en~Ciel (several, including first press of "My Heart Draws a Dream")
  • LOSALIOS (Nakamura Tatsuya, ex Blankey Jet City)
  • Lucy (Imai Hisashi/Buck-Tick + Kiyoshi)
  • Optic Nerve (yukihiro + Shin Murohime, Die in Cries)
  • the HAREM Q (sakura, pre-L'Arc~en~Ciel)
  • the pillows
  • Tomoyasu Hotei
  • Toshi (X (Japan))
  • Vienna (Chachamaru of GacktJOB)
  • Zigzo (sakura, Tetsu/nil/ex-Malice Mizer, Ryo & Den ex-By-Sexual)

Boogiepop and Others novel, 12 Kingdoms novel, Desire (yaoi), Island (Korean horror), Only the Ring Finger Knows (manga)

I have a main sales post (music, anime, manga) and my ebay feedback is here

Thanks for looking!
Tags: manga: english, music: jrock
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