Tendai 「運命の迷い」 (runrunmarch) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Tendai 「運命の迷い」

PS2, games & anime for sale

Selling a PlayStation 2 and a few games. The PlayStation is the original design (not the newer smaller ones) and in great condition - it works perfectly, etc etc, and is only being sold because I need the money XD If you want pictures, you can have them, but they'll be cell-phone quality and will just show that it looks like a PS2 - there aren't any disfiguring marks or anything. It comes with one controller, and the necessary power cord. I'd like $85 for it. Shipping will be by weight depending on where you live and how fast you want it, and if you want insurance, I can add that in.

I'm also selling the US versions of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Kingdom Hearts, for the above system. You can buy them separately for $10 each, or get the two games and the PS2 for $100 total, not including shipping. I accept Paypal bank transfers, international money orders in US dollars and cash (at your own risk!).

Also selling the REIGN: The Conqueror boxed set. Original, not a bootleg, DVDs containing the entire series and in a nice holding box. I'll take $20 for them ^^

Edited because I'm a dork XD
You can contact me here, or through my email at deathpiano@gmail.com
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