Welcome to My Yaoi Fanfic World (la_femme_dee) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Welcome to My Yaoi Fanfic World

Kou Fujisaki Yaoi Manga

Want to Buy the Following Manga:

I was at the Yaoi-Con and was fortunate to come across 4 of Kou Fujisaki's Mangas. Of course they were all in Japanese but who cares, I paid $2.00 for each one.  :)

Anywhoo, I would like to purchase the manga that is  under the cut. 

I already have the scanlations but would love to have the hard copies.  Buzz me if you can help.

King & Prince, and Conflict of Love. (manga titles)


Oh, before I forget, there are 2 pics under the cut.

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