interestinglive (interestinglive) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Stuff for sale!

Hi I got some Artbooks, doujinshi from Naruto, Saiyuki, One piece, Gintama and more. I also got a lot of doujin goods such as shitajiki, mousepad, bags and more. I am open to trades(other artbooks, shitajiki, and doujin by kine, acute girls ami oyamada) and haggling. Tons of stuff come take a look. Thank You!

Gintama doujin shitajiki make offer

Fushigi Yuugi-$15
Sugar coat (comes with CD) -$25.

Kenshin Kaden $5 (taiwan version)
Sai artbook $40
Fullmetal alchemist profiles $6
Momo book $10
Kino- traded

Adashino doujinshi all gintama no pairings really
$20 (full color)
$20 (full color)

One Piece- Zoro/ Sanji- $6
One Piece- Zoro/ Sanji anthology-$20

Slam Dunk- anthology- $5 (a stain toward the top)
Peacemaker-Suzu/ Tetsu $10
Saiyuki- Gojyo/ Sanzo $12
Naruto- Kakashi/ Iruka $6

Yugioh-Jou/ seto $10
yugioh-Seto/ Jou $10
yugioh- Seto/ Jou $10
Death Note- L/ Light $10
Death Note- Light/ L $12

Acute girls
Sasuke/ Naruto $10
Sasuke/ Naruto $10
Sasuke/ Naruto $12

Acute girl doujinshi- all Naruto
Sasuke/ Naruto- $10
Kakashi Iruka $10
Sasuke/ Naruto, Kakashi Iruka $12
Sasuke/ Naruto $12

Sasuke/ naruto $12

Maiden Rose doujin/ manga- $10
Reborn doujin info book set $10

Doujin magazine $4
POT shitajiki $10 each
Reborn mousepad $10

Fan $1
Plastic doujin bags $2 each
Reusable doujin bag $4
One Piece notebook $2
Bleach stickers $2
Ookiku Furikabutte Keychain $2
Saiyuki Large seal $2
Kine notepad- free with any $15 purchase (a little beat up)
Naurto notebook- $2
unknown notebook $2
POT postcard $2
Ookiku Furikabutte calendar-$5

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