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Since I'm desperately in need of my money I decided to part with some of my precious items of my J-Rock Collection

one of the items is:

Malice Mizer - Bara no Seidou + Cardinal DVD


My Sale also contains:

Luna Sea - REW [REWIND] DVD (2002 Release)
Moi Dix Mois - Dix Infernal Album w/obi
Moi Dix Mois - Beyond The Gate Album w/obi
Moi Dix Mois - Nocturnal Opera Album (2CD Digi-Pack EU-Release)
Acid Black Cherry - Black List Album Type A CD/DVD
Janne Da Arc - "Dearly" Concert DVD
Rentrer en Soi - The Bottom of Chaos Album (EU Release)
D'espairs Ray - Liquidize Concert DVD

I also got a bunch of fliers ( 0,50€ each) of following artists:

Kiryu, Blood, chariots, chariots/Cindykate(means double sided flyer), Redis/Lycaon, Kyokutou Girl Friend, the riotts, R-Shitei, Vanilla, Dolly, AND Eccentric Agent, Synside/Cindykate, rice, Para:noir, ensoku, MaitoreiA, bullet girls, canzel, Nightmare, Misaruka, kitikuikka, Vampire, Visual Bad Boys, Sel'm, Deluhi, 9Goats Black Out, the Vambie, Vidoll, gilltia, gizel, Serial=>Number, Panic*ch, The Kiddie, Venus, 2nd Dyz, Mix Speakers Inc, meth, V-last, Irokui, Sadie, girugamesh, GRIM monster, Zest, baddies, SuG, Reivier, Duel Jewel, Heisei ishin, spiv states, noGod, Blam Honey/GPKISM, Sex Android

...ask for pics of the ones you like

...so if you're interested in this...just follow me

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