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Also, please check out my journal for more things!! [info]shellsell 

Asking prices are below, but I WILL take HIGHER OFFERS priority. All items are in excellent condition unless otherwise stated. All items are authentic/genuine/official. Also, most of the cds are first press or limited edition.

Shipping prices are to the US. Ask for overseas shipping. Feel free to ask questions. Prices negotiable.

I accept paypal, concealed cash (at your own risk), checks, money orders.

Comments deleted after transaction is complete. Right click "view image" to see a bigger version of the picture.


CDs-obis are included for most cds

1. Vidoll - Rare making of eliza dvd $15shipped

2. Fanatic crisis - one -one for all- album $6 shipped

3. Dir en grey - macabre album $25shipped
4. Dir en grey - kisou album crack on side $20shipped

Posters - These are off my wall so many will have either tape on the back or front or tiny pinholes. also please ignore the other stuff that's on my wall >_>

7. vidoll red poster $15shipped

9. vidoll puzzle poster $15shipped

10. kagerou poster $3.50 shipped

Magazines/photobooks - i have many of these so i didnt bother putting down the month and issue. but if you want to know them, ask.

11. plastic tree shoxx $10shipped
12. plastic tree shoxx bis $20shipped
13. vidoll hevn magazine rare with poster $20shipped
14. mad tea party magazine feat. hiroki and drummers RARE $25shipped

15. kagerou cure $10shipped

16. kannivalism cure COMES WITH POSTER! $10shipped
17. vidoll cure WITH POSTER $12shipped

51. Cure with alice nine. rare and sold out! no poster  $20+5 shipping
18. Cure with rentrer en soi x phantasmagoria. rare and sold out! no poster $18shipped

19. kagrra, shoxx - $10shipped

20. kagrra,/alice nine shoxx bis  (alice nine back cover) $20shipped

21. Shoxx with Gazette. Comes with a used poster (picture is of half of poster as an example) $20shipped

22. The TRAX first photobook. comes with a bonus cd. $15shipped

24. yu yu hakusho manga $15shipped for set

25. Vidoll - 3C storm tv dvd OUT OF PRINT! $60shipped
26. Vidoll -  Jappanesque rock collectionz cure dvd 03
VERY FUNNY :) $30shipped
27. D'espairsray Liquidize tour dvd crack on case $30shipped

28-33. Dir en grey calendar pages. $7shipped each

OFFICIAL trading cards, all are in a protective sleeve. $2.50 shipped each

ruka1 trading card, seika

kagrra,, bis

kurt postcard photo- $5 shipped (in plastic)

Bleach Ichigo figurine about 2" tall $2

Final Fantasy keychains. Don't know the name of the characters. $2 each, $5 for all. Alternate views: 1 | 2

(fyi, the english subs on these dvds are pretty shitty)
Shaman king dvd $20
Hunter x hunter dvd $20

Naruto plush $10
Gaara plush $10
Naruto plush keychain $5

Geisha decor. about a foot tall. $20

M3 DS Simply for the DS and DS lite

This will not work on the DSi
Micro sd card not included.
Drivers&firmware are not included but can easily be found online.
$25 shipped within the US!

tokidoki tshirt. size mens large. new with tags. from armpit to armpit it's 22".  $25 shipped

qee $15 shipped

$6shipped each

i have 2xturtwig, 1xpachirisu, 2xbuneary. the back is a screen wiper. new and unused $2.50 shipped

i have 2xcroagunk and 1xpachirisu figurines in their capsules but haven't had a chance to take a picture yet. if anyone is interested i'll take one, (also $2.50 shipped each)
pachirisu cellphone strap/keychain.

Tags: anime, collectibles, dolls: general, magazines, manga: english, movies, music: jrock, music: other, posters, toys, traditional, video games
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