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Holidays are here so money is tight for me, but my loss is your gain as any moonie would love a great gift!

I still have a few of my other items for sale from my other post. PLEASE MAKE OFFERS ON EVERYTHING; I am very up to negotiating as I do want them to find good homes, but please be mindful that I paid a lot of money to have these in my collection so be fair on your offers.

I am not sure that I want to part yet with a few of these new items that are under the cut, but if someone offers the right price I might just have to...

Side one of the sheet protectors (many have doubles right behind them) Game booklet included!

Side two of the sheet protectors (many have doubles once again)

Close up to verify the "Shout-out paper"

I'm still wondering how much this card game is worth. I have seen some go up on Ebay recently for what seems outrageous prices...

Mooncutter/Moon crescent jewelry box. It is very good used condition as the box has been opened. I have more pictures (of both the crescent and box) if you'd like to see; the Mooncutter and box itself are both in great shape considering their age!

1995 6" dolls are in excellent shape appearance wise with the exception that Jupiter and Venus are both missing their tiaras (Sailor Moon has hers). No boxes, just the dolls on these.

A few random Sailor Moon collector cards. Most are "prism-like", Chibiusa/Rini is the only one that is not.

Sailor Moon VHS tapes. I know everyone would prefer DVDs, but you purchase the tapes for REALLLLLLLY CHEAP and then burn to a DVD? Plus some of the cover art is nice :)

Luna and Artemis plushes! Awwww <3 I really love these guys, but I'd be happy to see them go as a pair! They do not come with their original packaging, but are in great shape!

Now for the FEELERS!

I know this isn't the coolest Sailor Moon collectible on earth, but it's kawaii and I'm not sure if I am ready to let go of it yet. It's a great color and who doesn't love Luna-P!?

NEVER OPENED, STILL IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING AND EVERYTHING! If you look close, you'll see the dolls are still completely tied into the box, as is their hair so they have never been removed. I am ESPECIALLY leery about selling Jupiter, as she was a childhood favorite. Sailor Moon would be the next favorite with Sailor Venus probably being the one I'd be able to let go of the easiest if the right price was offered.

The next few pictures are meant to show you that the boxes are in great shape as well.

The box order goes as Venus, Jupiter, then Moon. My flash kind of made funny spots on the boxes during the photo. Can provide closer pictures if offers are being given.

And finally, my Moon Wand. I loveeeeeee this piece in my collection. It has been opened and gently used, but I am not sure I want to see it go. The box is in good condition as well. I will take other pictures of the actual wand if there is interest in purchasing it, but if you REALLY REALLY want it make me an offer I can't refuse!

What has already been sold:
- Sailor Moon bookbag
- Locket/Season 1 brooch (pending)
- Sailor Mercury Prism Card (pending)

Please feel free to leave a comment or PM me to get in touch about any of the items that I have listed. I have 100% feedback on Ebay and will provide the link to anyone upon request. Thank you!

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