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Yaoi manga, just $6 each!

Selling a few yaoi books. I currently have:

Barefoot Waltz by Romuco Miike
Dining Bar Akira by Tomoko Yamashita
J-Boy by Biblos (various artists including Haruka Minami, Homerun Ken, and Naduki Koujima) $8
King of Debt by Sanae Rokuya
Meeting You by Mio Tennohji
When the Heavens Smile by Aki Senoo

I live in a rather small apartment, so I'm just trying to clear some space. All of the books are in good condition and would make great Christmas gifts! Shipping is $3 for each book except J-Boy, which is $5 (it's a pretty big book). Photos available upon request, and I do combined shipping! Please feel free to negotiate with me, I really need to clear these shelves.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: manga: english
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