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Furisode & Kimono/Hakama Set for Sale! Fabulous pricing!!

Hi all, I've got a spectacular kimono/hakama set and a beautiful furisode straight from Japan.

For more information on furisode and kimono/hakama set and sales info please click on cuts, thanks!

Description of items, in general:

  • These were bought second hand through Yamatoku Kimono shop or Ichiroya
  • All set hakamas are Andon-Bakama (Undivided skirt).
  • All set kimonos are Ko-furisode, has rather short sleeves.
  • All are in wonderful condition and hakamas have not even been used/worn, just I recieved and described by Yamatoku. 
  • The furisode description is from Ichiroya, and unwore since I received it.
  • All measurements are from Yamatoku or Ichiroya.
  • Sets are not splitable.

Location: VA, USA
Payment: paypal
Shipping: not included in price. I am willing to send internationally. For domestic shipping, I ship through USPS, please let me know what kind of shipping service you would like.
Prices: I only add pp fees for international customers, sorry :(

Returns are not accepted, please pm with questions prior to purchasing.
Serious buyers only. Please don't post messages it you are not serious.

My feedback:
den of angels

 FURISODE from Ichiroya
(Ichiroya's picture) (proof of ownership)
Description: Quite new furisode: beautiful colors, the blue is more of a violet-blue.        
Condition: very good
Fabric: silk
Lining: silk
Technique: dyed
Size: Sleeve to sleeve 53"/135cm; Length 66"/168cm; Sleeve length 41.75"/106cm; Back width 23.75"/60cm
Asking price: bought at $161.30, asking $135 (not including shipping)

KO-KIMONO HAKAMA SET 1 from Yamatoku
(Yamakotu's picture) (proof of ownership)
Description: Canary yellow ko-furisode with black edges with gold flickers. Navy hakama with butterfly detailing towards the  bottom.      
Condition: Superb, only tiny damages, but I am unable to find them. Never took them out of bag.
Fabric: synthetic
Technique: unknown
Size: Sleeve to sleeve 52"/132cm; Length 64.6"/164cm; Sleeve length 29.5"/75cm; Back width 23.2"/59cm
Hakama is listed as 37.0 inches.
Asking price: bought at $85, asking $50 (not including shipping)

Thanks for looking!
Tags: fashion: general, traditional
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