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Wig, Costumes, And Fabric For Sale (FREE SHIPPING)

Xmas Sale! :) Free shipping on everything through December!

Item descriptions, shipping prices, and photos are on the Ad pages (follow the links!)

You can view all ads at once (and browse using thumbnails) here. I am not looking for trades at the moment (There is on exception! See bottom of post). I am unable to keep items on hold without some kind of deposit. Priority will go the person who can pay immediately!

Costumes/Accessories & Fabric

Partial Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke) Costume - $35
Large Yellow Bow - $10
Tea Kettle Print Skirt - $15
Blue Faux Ribknit Fabric - $10


Short Dark Brown Wig (Newlook April) - $15
Short Brown/Auburn Mix Wig - $10
Styled Sakura (Tsubasa) Wig - $25
Brown Bob-styled Wig - $15
Short Dark Purple Wig - $22

POTENTIAL TRADE - There is one item that I am willing to trade for. I am looking for dark purple wig with bangs, and must be at least past the chin (longer than the one I am selling in this post).

Thanks for looking! Sorry if you see this post multiple times. If you have any questions feel free to comment here.
Tags: fashion: cosplay, fashion: egl
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