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Wanted: Tommy February/Heavenly 6/The Brilliant Green (BuriGuri), Saikano manga, Vivian or Kazuma

Hi, I'll make this short and sweet.

I'm going through one of my "stages" right now, the stage where I am madly in love with Tommy February/Heavenly/The Brilliant Green and I was wondering if anyone had any random paraphenelia they are selling for kinda cheap...This includes any albums, but like I said, it needs to be kinda cheap cause...well it just does :D I'm not looking for anything in particullar, just wanting to browse.

I also want anything that has to do with Vivian or Kazuma (That is the group name, including the or, I know it is confusing), I believe they have two singles discs out there but...I don't have them :(

For some reason, I also want to read Saikano, so if you are selling/trading any mangas...(preferably the first ones because I like to read in order ^_^)

I will trade too, here is the link to my latest selling entry:

Thank you <3
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