onesquishedcat (onesquishedcat) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTS: Jrock, Yaoi and BJD stuffs

Please don't forget to read my terms and conditions! Thank you!

Terms and Conditions:

I am located in Canada, but do not mind shipping internationally.
Shipping is not included, and is calculated individually by weight/height and distance. There is also a $2-3 fee for shipping materials (bubble wrap packet) which is included in shipping quote, because each package is different.

I accept non-cc paypal as payment, or concealed cash, but you take full responsibility for it. I do not accept returns. As well, once the package is sent out I have no control over it.

I describe items to the best of my ability, but feel free to ask any questions.

For Sale/Trade:  

 Yokan Toshiya Cosplay with Wig - Worn once for a convention, the wig might need some restyling, since I cut it myself, and the shirt/dress is in good condition. There may be a spot or two on the ends of the tassels, but nothing a tide pen won't remove. The black spot is painted on and sealed, but the person I commissioned advised that it only be hand washed to protect it. Set ONLY includes wig and dress/shirt.
Measurements laying flat are: 15" at the neck, 20" bust, 30" long.   Asking $125.


Peace and Smile 2005 SHOXX - Near Perfect condition, though it doesn't include the posters. I bought it that way >> Asking $6.

GazettE White "Scream Yourself/ Natural Born Sex Pervert" Bandana - I took it out of the package to look at,so it is otherwise in perfect condition, except for a few minor wrinkles. Asking $28.


I have four Yaoi Mangas for sale. I bought them brand new at a convention a few months ago, read them once, and didn't find them to my liking, so they are still BRAND NEW. Asking $10 each, or $35 for the lot. Willing to negotiate.

Books are A - Duetto, (June Manga) B - Blood Honey (Blu Manga) C- Alcohol, Shirt and Kiss (June Manga) and Melted Love (June Manga)    

Also, I have some MSD items for sale! A sky-blue Formydoll wig,  7-8" "Sad Love Song" in non-heat resistant. DOLL NOT INCLUDED.(Asking $20)  

Spite and Malice Fur MSD Wigs - Red/Orange Highlight, Orange/Black Stripe. $10 each or $18 for both.

Finally, a Tata's Paradise Gakuran for MSD Boys. Jacket and pants only! $25.

 Thank you!


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