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Rare sold out Gazette Tour DVD, albums, and magazines


Payment - Paypal only please. Fees will be added please be aware. They are not included in the price. No Echecks.
Shipping -  It is included in the price for the US only. I do ship overseas but please know it will be more expensive.
Please let me know your location.
Feedback - Can be found here http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/245204.html and 
a screen cap here http://www.freezepage.com/1271651093FVBXKUXIYP

Only serious buyers. If you show interest in an item and are then no longer interested please let me know.
If there are multiple buyers interested in an item I will take the highest offer. Otherwise items go to whoever can pay first and provides their paypal email.
Any offers, questions or comments please ask. :)

Gazette tour 2007-2008 Stacked Rubbish Grand Finale Repeated Countless Error DVD limited edition with Bonus Disk and Large Poster First Press

Rare Limited edition includes the two main DVDs plus bonus DVD, 60-page booklet, deluxe package and large poster. This DVD set is sold out in stores. 
Price - 100 USD including shipping to the US

Stacked Rubbish Special Edition album with DVD and sticker Limited Edition

Rare Limited edition includes bonus DVD with two music videos, deluxe booklet, sleeve case, and sticker.This set is sold out in stores.
Price - 50 USD including shipping to the US

Nil album

Regular edition album
Price - 40 USD including shipping to the US

Guren Optical Impression CD and DVD

This edition includes bonus DVD with the music video for Guren and three-fold cardboard sleeve case.
Price - 22 USD including shipping to the US

Magazine Arena 37c featuring Gazette Feb 2007

Price - 22 USD including shipping to the US

Shoxx featuring Gazette 2007

Price - 22 USD including shipping to the US

Shoxx feauring Gazette 2008

Price- 22 including shipping to the US

Thanks for looking! :)

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