Brandi Marie. (x___shabutie) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Brandi Marie.

Sailor moon items, costume, rilakkuma bag!

Below the cut I've got tons of sailor moon items, a costume and a rilakkuma bag. I take paypal, prices do not include shipping so include your country/zip when inquiring. No holds, message me for faster response.

Supers 2 english manga- nice shape, except that about 10 pages near the end are out of binding. $5

Child size backpack, super cute! $6.50

Jupiter sticker- $2
Pencils, official with toei seal- $5
Mistress 9 official gachapon with slip- $9
Mercury doll- $4
Jupiter 2-d Keychain-$3

Chibi jupiter figure- $2
Heart pin- $2
Jupiter 2-d key chain- $2
Chibi chibi official key chain, with slip- $15
Star Maker Key chain with slip- $10
Bunny hair tie- $2
Saturn N/A Fuku- $7

Black lady keychain- $20

Super sailor moon costume. Okay, so this came in a random SM lot I won on ebay. I've never worn it, except for pics. I'd say it's in pretty good shape minus the kinda iffy brooch and heart. They're not bad, though and I guess this would be a nice starter costume. Tag says small, I'd say it'd nicely fit a 2 to a 6. $30? OBO

Rilakkuma large tote bag, with ziipered front compartment and top. Very cute, very nice! Next to purse for size comparison. $15
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