obsidian_eye (obsidian_eye) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Kera and Shoxx Magazines


Im selling a load of my Kera and Shoxx magazines...

I have to part with them to make some money and some space, its means they go to a new home! They are in excellent condition, no dog ears, only read once or twice.

This is a link to my ebay page

starting bid on ebay is 5 euro for Kera (6.70 USdollars) 6.50 for Shoxx (8.70 USdollars) No bids yet, not much interest so grab a bargain. For shipping i will calculate the cheapest possible so ebay mail me for a quote.

Im Happy to haggle

please feel free to haggle, buy multiples at a reduced cost I can change the price of the listing on ebay!

here are a selection of the magazines, much more on ebay.

Thanks for looking!

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