Give me wings... (angie_in_the_oc) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Give me wings...

Status of orders

Everyone that I wrote to this past week to say that I would send orders out sometime have officially been placed in the mail and are ready to go. It would seem that a lot of my emails have not been getting to people, so I wanted to announce it where I knew you could see it.

Also, telomerase, no, I did not get your email, but I still have those manga and comics for you if you want them. I'll be deleting the original post in a day or so, if you still want them, comment here. If not, please let me know. $20 is just fine.

buzzkill_sales, if you still want that Milk-Chan poster, the shipping 1.25, the total coming to $4.25 I will also be deleting that original post as well so I can just watch out for my selling journal and not all my scattered community posts.

I think that's all the open inquiries, if anyone is interested in my items, please visit my new selling journal!
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