Lolita Rose Sales (lolitarosesale) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Lolita Rose Sales

Lots of Manga/Anime/Jrock left! (New item has been added)

Still trying to sell off the rest of my Manga/Anime and Jrock items! Manga is now buy 3 get 1 more free! To make it a little easier on everyone that's searching, here's a list of the items i currently have to offer (just be sure to go to my journal to actually request the items):

MANGA: Bizenghast 1-6, Godchild 1-8, Faeries' Landing 1-11, Alichino 1-3, Model 1-6, Petshop of Horrors Vol. 1, Legal Drug 1-3, Ororon 1-4

YAOI: Yellow 1-4, Little Butterfly 1-3, The Day I Became a Butterfly, Alone in My King's Harem, Only the Ring Finger Knows Vol 1, Invisible Boy 1-2, Crushing Love, Fake Fur, Invisible Love, All Nippon Air Line, Time Lag, Pathos, Picnic, A Gentleman's Kiss Vol. 1, Loveless 1-3, Selfish Love 1-2, Stallion, Lies and Kisses, Gay's Anatomy, Dark Prince Vol. 3, The Lily and the Rose, Future Lovers, Caged Slave, and FAKE 1-7

ANIME: Wallflower Vol 1 & 2 and X-1999: The Movie

Jrock Magazines: Cure (AnCafe and Phantasmagoria covers), Shoxx (Miyavi, Gazette, LM.C, AnCafe, and Nightmare covers), Glare (AnCafe cover), Orkus (One with Mana on cover, but both with Moi dix Mois interviews), and Purple Sky (LM.C cover)

Jrock CDs: Dir en Grey's Withering to Death and AnCafe's Magnya Carta (autographed)

J-Pop CDs: Kotoko's Glass No Kaze

Hello Kitty: 2 DVDs with 5 episodes each of the origianal 1987 cartoon, bank, and PC game.

Other: Japanese learning CDs (Instant Immersion: Japanese v2.0)

NEW ITEMS: Kotoko - Glass No Kaze CD

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