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Selling off a portion of my JE and Jrock stuff!

Holidays are here, and I'm riding the poverty line -- stuff needs to be sold
Johnny's CDs, DVDs, KAT-TUN's 'Real Face' box set, News and Johnny's Jr Calendars; Potato, Wink up, Duet; random J-rock; a lot of LE and/or out-of-print items.

I've kept all items very neatly stored and everything is in perfect condition.
All of my CDs are pristine -- Japan editions only, and include original obi.

+ Tackey&Tsubasa
+ Tegomasu
+ Johnny's Jr.

+ Gackt
+ Kanzaki
+ Lareine
+ Marry+an+blood
+ Penicillin
+ Others!


- KAT-TUN - bokura no machi de (single)
First Press regular edition w/ 'Le Ciel' as a bonus track -- $10
- KAT-TUN - SIGNAL (single)
Limited edition with bonus DVD -- $12

- KAT-TUN - yorokobi no uta (single)
Limited edition with bonus DVD -- $12

- Tackey&Tsubasa - Ho! Summer (single)
Regular Edition w/ bonus keychain/luggage tag -- $9
- Tackey&Tsubasa - X-dame/Crazy Rainbow (single)
Regular Edition, Jacket C (I think) w/ trading card-- $8

- GYM - Fever to Future (single)
Regular edition -- $8

- Tegomasu - Kiss ~kaerimichi no love song~ (single)
Limited edition with bonus DVD -- $12
- Tegomasu - Miso Soup (single)
Regular edition -- $8

- Belles - Freeze (single)
Regular Edition -- $8
- Hakuei - The Word is Mine (Single)
Comes with DVD -- $8
- Kanzaki - Tokyo (Single)
This pains me to sell. No other comment, haha -- $8

- Red - Saga (single)
Regular Edition -- $6
- machine - Red Sundance (single)
Regular Edition -- $6
- marry+an+blood - tenshi kinryouku -bloody valentine i love you- (mini-album)
Regular Edition -- $10

- Lareine - Hakuchou (Single)
ULTRA RARE, only sold through Third Stage, which went under in 2008 -- $18
- Lareine - Tour "through a deep forest" 2005 -soundtrack- (Album)
Regular Edition tour soundtrack, not the live recording -- $11
- LAREINE - Drama (Single)
Unopened; comes with trading card -- $10

- LAREINE - Scarlet Majesty (Single)
Includes cheap Third Stage autograph paper (photocopy? Ahahaha) -- $8

- Penicillin - Earth (mini-album)
Regular Edition; digipack-- $8
- Penicillin - Flower Circus (album)
Limited Edition w/ badge set -- $25
- Penicillin - hell bound heart (album)
Regular Edition -- $20

- Penicillin - kakkaku (album)
First Press edition with folded poster included (has been hung before) -- $30
- Penicillin - samurai boy/love dragoon (single)
Regular Edition -- $6


Cure 2006.02 Kamijo-cover with Lareine poster and DVD -- $12

-- Myojo 2006.07 with double-sided pinup of Akame, Ueto Aya pinup -- $8
-- Duet 2008.07 with large double-sided HSJ poster -- $8

-- Duet 2007.04 with KAT-TUN stickers and memorial book -- $8
-- Potato 2007.04 with NEWS pinup -- $8

-- Potato 2008.07 with large double-sided KAT-TUN/Gokusen 3 boys poster -- $8
-- Wink Up 2008.07 with double-sided KAT-TUN/HSJ pinup, NEWS pinup -- $8

-- UV 2003.07 Vol. 95 with Sugizo/Hotei covers and pinup


- Gackt - Jihaku (book)
Autobiography; includes original obi and is out of print and rare -- $22

Musical. Casing is slightly worn on edge; it's very old. Trading card enclosed is No.12678
Originally bought at retail for roughly $65, so give it love -- $40

- KAT-TUN - Best of KAT-TUN/Real Face Box
In like-new condition, includes single, album, dvd, booklet, and stickers -- $70

- KAT-TUN - Live Of "Real Face" (DVD)
2006 Tour, two DVDs + 20 page booklet -- $35

- Johnny's Jr 2007-2008 Desktop Calendar
32 pages, includes package of Johnnys Jr coloring pencils (haha) -- $22

- NEWS 2007-2008 Calendar
30 pages, includes photobook, member post cards, stickers, and stand
This item is VERY large and will cost extra to ship -- $40

Posters (not photographed -- would be very difficult, but as they're both promotional, it's essentially cover-art + release date):
Tackey&Tsubasa 2wo You 4our You - perfect condition -- $8
Tackey&Tsubasa Venus - has line of discoloration on the bottom right corner from the rubber band it came with. Argh. $5

--------SOME FYI--------
Only serious buyers, please. If you feel any of my prices are too steep, I'm open to haggling. I'm sympathetic to economic strain -- otherwise, I wouldn't be here as a seller. :)

Please comment with any questions! Also, I can provide additional photos by request. Here is a photo of my holding-bendy-things-open hand and the purple fabric, taken UNDER DIRECT LIGHTING with my droid. For the sake of expedience, I'll be using the droid for any additional photos requested rather than my normal FinePix.

I've been on livejournal for nine years and I'd like to keep my reputation flawless, so I won't involve myself in bad business.

GSJ Feedback: Here.

Prices for items exclude shipping.
Domestic shipping for flatrate (envelope) is $4.95 Priority Mail within the United States
Small packages will be sent via first class.

Items will be sent out 1-2 days after receiving payment.
Today is Sunday; my next post office visit will be on Monday (tomorrow)

I accept paypal, money order, and concealed cash (at your own risk).

Additional Contact: E-mail -- or send me a PM.

Thanks for looking!
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