One of much awesome. (nightxfury) wrote in garagesalejapan,
One of much awesome.

Selling Anime Merch (Doujin, Keychains, Plushies, & more!)

I'm poor and I have no job. D: However, I, like many others, need money. Because of this, I'm selling off some anime stuff that I've got lying around my room. While you're looking, please keep in mind that I am not an official store. The products are all in good shape and I will list any product shortcomings. I'm also very open to bartering.

But, please, keep in mind that I am trying to make a profit.

Paypal or cash (at your own risk) only!!

- Please comment with the item you're interested in.
- When the offer is accepted, I will comment with a request for your e-mail account (you can comment or message it). If you go with the cash method, then I will message you with my PO box.
- The item will not be shipped until payment is received.
- We can work something out if you want more than one item shipped to the same location.
- Please leave feedback here!

I got the stuff, man. )
Tags: dolls: general, doujinshi, manga: english, manga: japanese, toys
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