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Selling Utada United 2006 DVD within the Philippines and other JE items

Hi everyone! I would like to sell esp this DVD to buyers within the Philippines. Original buyer backed out without canceling before it was shipped so I need to look for another buyer. Price was already reduced since this cost P3300 at Yesasia. I am selling the item for P3000.

Sorry for the blurry image

I also have the following items available:
All The Best 3CD LE = P2800
KAT-TUN Change Ur World LE A - P1200
KAT-TUN Change Ur World LE B - P950
Hey! Say! JUMP 2010-2011 Official JE Calendar = P1800
Hey! Say! JUMP 2008-2009 Official JE Calendar = P1500
Hey! Say! JUMP Concert Pamphlets = P1700 each except
Hey! Say! 7 Solo Concert Pamphlet for P1300
Hey! Say! JUMP First Concert Ikinari! DVD = P2600
Hey! Say! JUMP Jumping Tour DVD = P2400
Kanjani8 2009-2010 Official School Calendar = P1800
Kanjani8 2006-2007 Official School Calendar = P1100
ARASHI Pikanchi A to Z Photobook = P1300
ARASHI Kiiroi Namida Photobook = P1200
Utada United 2006 = P3000
Tackey & Tsubasa 2008-2009 Calendar - P700
2008/2009 JE Magazines - P400 each / 350 for 2 or more
Otakaras (papparazzi photos) - P900 each
- Jun otakara
- Kanjani8 blue
- Kanjani8 brown
- Hey!Say!Best

Check out this post for details and item conditions:

You may PM me or email me minnastop @ for any questions. Thank you :)
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