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Last chance sale! Nothing over $45 most items $10. Make an offer on everything!

Huge moving sale! I have some lolita, sailor moon, plushies, manga, and video games under the cut! All needs to go. Everything OBO~~~ I just need it gone. I'm leaving the 8th so all purchases must be made before then.

~I have feedback on ebay
~ Shipping is usually next day. As I'm getting ready to move I will have it out before the 7th.
~Shipping not included in price unless stated. Please ask. I prefer to stay in the USA.
~ I will negotiate everything within reason. No low balling please.
~No trades unless you have full sized memos (used or not) or Victorias Secret clothing in size M-L.

Lolita Clothing

Alice and the Pirates long sleeved knit zip-up hoodie. $45 Worn a few times. The velveteen on the printing is cracked a little, but it happens with age.

Can fit up to a 37 inch bust just fine. Maybe more.

Anna House short sleeved blouse. Size L $30

This can easily fit up to a 38-39 inch bust and 30-32 inch waist. It also goes smaller due to ribbon ties in the back.

Light weight petti. It would go great with a casual coord or adding to another petti. It's just not good by itself. $12

Measures 17 inches across unstretched. It can go up to 30 inches comfortably but can get up to 32.

BTSSB 2010 Calender. Unopened. $10

Great collectible item. This one was an extra from when I ordered some shoes from them last year.

Manga $3 a piece

(Hamtaro piggy bank not included unless you want to offer)

DVDs and VHS

Sailor Moon S movie VHS- $3
Sailor Moon Hotaru's Secret VHS- $2
Kamakazi Girls DVD $25

Inuyasha movie 1  $8 each

Figures and Plushies

Japanese Phantom Hourglass Link - $15
Kagome- $5
Chii poseable figure $30

Gloomy Bear pouch. It can fit my iphone, keys, and credit card/cash in it. Great for Cons. It has a few slightly darker spots from me cleaning up charcoal pencil from my boyfriend. (I've cleaned it up pretty well, I can take pictures of the spots if needed) $15

Sailor Moon

PGSM Luna Phone and Mirror $30
Sailor Moon Doll $10


Video Games

Xbox 360
Bioshock without case $6
Biohock 2 case NO GAME with manual $5

Nintendo 64 System with 3 controllers $40

NES system with two controllers $40
NES advantage controller (arcade style) $15

SNES System with 3 controllers $50

SNES advantage controller $20

Banjo and Kazooie $8
Banjo Tooie $10
Turok 2 $5

NES system with two controllers $40
NES advantage controller (arcade style) $15

SNES System with 3 controllers $50

SNES advantage controller $20

Strike Gunner S.T.G $7
Mortal Kombat $10
Street Fighter II $10
Street Fighter II Turbo $15
Shanghai II $5
Warpspeed $5
Game genie with a book or two $10
Tags: !modwarn, anime, fashion: egl, manga: english
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