Sean (justmmy) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Two Cosplay Wigs for Sale

I hope this allowed, as I am unsure if their origin is Asian.  But, in the interest of people getting ready for Megacon, I thought I would post here. :)
Mods: If it's not allowed, I am very sorry for the mistake.

One is a deep burgundy/red and just shy of shoulder-length.  The other is a dirty blonde color and shorter, probably about chin length.  There are also braids in the top pieces of hair.  It's really pretty cute. 

Click the pictures to view larger :)


I am selling them together for $15 shipped via priority mail with delivery confirmation.  That's all you pay for both of them.  $15!  Can't beat that, right?  Especially considering I've never used either one.  They've sat in storage.

Sorry for the poor pictures.  If you need more shots, please let me know and I'll get them to you right away. :)

I take paypal ONLY.  I would prefer it be sent as a gift to avoid fees.  I have excellent buyer feedback here feedback and my seller feed back is at my selling journal, justselling.  I haven't made very many sales, so that number is rather low.  I would like to think that my feedback from buying so much would say something to my credit.  You can find me on ebay/ under the user name, just0mmy.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: fashion: cosplay
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