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UPDATED: Lots of Anime/Manga Related Items~

 Updated as of 1/10/11

Hoping to sell some anime and manga stuff that are just cluttering up my room, basically.

Fandoms Include:
-Prince of Tennis
-Final Fantasy
-Detective Conan
-Kawaii Items

....And more!

Kara no Kyokai Posters: $3 each

Prince of Tennis 2005 Calendar Posters (20.5 in x 15 in): $3 each (note the last pic is the cover)

Yukimura large metal sticker: $3

Prince of Tennis Metal Stickers:

-Characters: $1 each

Hiyoshi, & Oshitari left

Digimon Adventure 2 Plastic Carrying Case: $5

Mokona 11 inch plush: $8

Kirby Hollow Figurines: each one $3 (only opened to confirm figure)

SOLD: Dedede, x1 Waddledee, x1 Sword Kirby

-Both Stellars, Both Shinns, Athrun, Lunamaria Coin Figures (ones w/ round bases): $5 each

-Gashapon Figures (ones with square, black bases): $3 each (SOLD: Yzak)

-Throne Zwei & Exia figure: $1

-Mini Gundam Capsule Figures: 50 cents each

-All Gundam Manga shown: $3 each (the 3 blue-spined SEEDs & 00 books are novels)

-Gundam Character Encyclopedia: $40 (note: it's BIG; and heavy)

-Assembled Plastic Gundam Models: Not For Sale (they would probably break)

SOLD: Meer figure, Haro Mascot Toy

-Unopened Gundam Model Kits (SD): $9 each

-Unopened Freedom & Exia Model Kit (SD): $20
-Unopened Abyss Model Kit (1/144): $20
-1/4 Assembled Arios Model Kit (1/144): $18

Final Fantasy X-2 Soundtrack: $7
Sonic Adventure Soundtrack: $5
Prince of Tennis Music Hunter CD+Booklet: $20

Kingdom Hearts Sora's Necklace Cosplay: $3
Chibi Ryoma Keychain: $3

Not Pictured (but available!): Suikoden III Vol. 1-3, 6, 8, 10, 11, Fruits Basket Vol. 13

All Manga Above: $3 each

SOLD: Tsubasa Vol. 17, KH2 Vol. 1 & 2, D.N. Angel Vol. 8 & 12, Fruits Basket Vol. 23, Vampire Knight Vol. 6 & 7, Beyblade Vol. 3 & 4, HunterXHunter Vol. 1 &11, Whistle! Vol. 19-24

Suikoden III Volume 10 (traditional chinese): $3
HunterxHunter Volume 23 (japanese): $3
Full Metal Alchemist Volume 13: (traditional chinese): $3
Pokemon Adventure Volume 12: $2
Inuyasha Vol. 43 & 44 (traditional chinese) $3 each

Shaman King Vol. 22, 23, 24, 25, 28 (japanese): $3 each
Shaman King Vol. 29 (traditional chinese) $3

Detective Conan Vol. 18 & 19 (japanese): $3 each
Detective Conan Vol. 32, 54, & 55 (traditional chinese): $3 each
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Vol. 2 (japanese): $3

Detective Conan Movie Episodes Manga (all colored pages; japanese): top two $3 each, bottom two $5 each

Digimon Tamers Vol. 1-4 (traditional chinese): $3 each

(please ignore repeat of KH: CoM manga -_-;;)

Black Cat Entire Series (traditional chinese): All for $30 or $2 each.

Kingdom Hearts Vol. 3 & 4 (traditional chinese) $3 each
Atelier Iris Eternal Mana Official Perfect Guide (japanese): $10
Atelier Iris Eternal Mana 2 Official Perfect Guide (japanese): $10

Official Star Ocean: The Last Hope Postcard: $2
Official Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Postcard: $2     ----SOLD
Official Final Fantasy XIII Postcard: $2

Kamakari Kenta Photo Set: $5 for both

Prince of Tennis Bromides

$4 Each! Specify which bromides you want by character (for Tezuka, say archery or painting Tezuka to specify :D).

All of these are from Part 8: School Version and come with protective plastic slips.

SOLD: Both Tezukas, Oishi+Eiji

Misc Prince of Tennis cards: 10 cents each

Prince of Tennis Card/Bromide Boxes: $2 each

Prince of Tennis TCG

Super Super Rare ($6):

Super Rare($4):

Rare ($2):

Regulars 1 ($0.50)

Regulars 2 ($0.25):

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Crystal Promise: $0.30
Magical Merchant: $0.30
Crystal Raigeki: $0.30
Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth: $0.30
Lightning Vortex: $1
Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle: $0.30

Last Resort: $0.30
Gem Flash Energy: $0.30
Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise: $0.30
Crystal Abundance: $0.30
Crystal Beacon: $0.30
Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat: $0.30

Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger: $0.40
Embodiment of Apophis: $1.50
Ancient City Rainbow Ruins: $0.40
Graceful Charity: $2
Crystal Blessing: $0.30
Fairy Meteor Crush: $0.30

Pokemon Cards

EXAMPLE PHOTO (there's more...)

So, I also happen to have some Pokemon cards that I don't even glance at anymore. Again, pictures will be put up by specific requests (for example, all my eeveelutions cards, etc.). Most of my cards are from the basic unlimited/jungle/fossil sets, but I do have some others (like a Shining Kabutops and such). Feel free to inquire about certain cards!

Price will depend on the rarity of the card; for example, the holographic rares and limited editions would cost more than rares, which would cost more than uncommons and commons, etc.~ I will also sell cards in large groups for lower than they would be individually.

PSP Case (can hold 1 PSP, games): $3

DS Case (can hold 1 DS Lite, games, styluses): $4

Luke & Tear Cellphone Charms: $3 each (also have Jade & Guy available)       ---SOLD
Tales of Vesperia - The First Strike Artbook: $25
Tales of the Abyss Novel Vol. 6: $3
Sheena & Corrine One-Coin Figure: $6       ----SOLD
Tales of Vesperia Bookmark: $1

RARE Mutsumi Inomata Tales of Eternia/Destiny/Destiny II Artbook: $45
Tales of Magazine Vol. 8, 10, & 12: $8 each

Tales of Symphonia Perfect Scenario Guide: $25
Tales of the Abyss Perfect Guide/Artbook: $25
Tales of the Abyss Supplement Book (blue-cover): $10
Tales of Vesperia Official Guide/Artbook: $25
Tales of the World - Radiant Mytholody 2 Guidebook/Artbook: $25
Tales of Destiny Perfect Guide/Artbook: $10

Melty Blood Actress Again Complete Guide Book/Artbook: $30

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Time/Darkness Strategy Guide w/ Posters: $5
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red/Blue Rescue Team Strategy Guide: $3
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Strategy Guide: $5
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Strategy Guide: $3

Feel free to ask questions~

Thanks for looking!
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