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For Sale: Kawaii Grabbies and Lolita Accessories

Come see what I have to offer! Lots of cute things from Japan! 

To see rules of selling, click on my journal and go to Rules. I also have feedback there too!

But some stuff you should know: 
Prices do not include shipping unless noted.
I ship from Sweden!

Now, on to the stuff: 

Kawaii Grabbies
I have many things here, this is just a photo of some of them! There are memosheets, sticker flakes, memos, sticker sheets, deco tape, pins, erasers, other accessories. 
(price includes shipping): 
Small Grabbie - $5
Medium Grabbie - $10
Large Grabbie - $20

Photo of stuff you may get:
If there is something individually you want PM me and maybe we can work something out.

Other stuff!
Disney Chip/Dale Squishy Keychain: $2.50
(Alien Sold)

Strawberry Cosmetic Bag: $7.00

Cupcake Cosmetic Bag x2: $7.00

Cherry and Strawberry Pocket Mirror x2: $5

My Melody Sticker Flakes in Container: $2.25

Hamuchan Gift Set: $5 (comes with pencil, towel, memopad
San-x Twin Angels pencil/cosmetic bag: $5

That is it for now! Feel free to make offers! Thanks! :D 
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