audrey ♥♥♥ (fishing_teh_sky) wrote in garagesalejapan,
audrey ♥♥♥

DS: Secret Shop Cake Shoes: Black

 hey cuties!

i'm selling a pair of authentic Secret Shop Cake shoes (size M = about 7 or 7.5 U.S.) in Black for $60 shipped anywhere (including internationally)

I bought it from another seller in the EGL comm who never wore it either, but I also never wore it because it ended up being too big for me.

Size is M, so it's roughly about 23.5cm aka 7~7.5 U.S. size.
There are no scuffs, no signs of being used. 
Here's a picture for proof:

If you would like additional pictures of the soles/side views/etc., feel free to ask.
Price is negotiable, so hit me with your best offer~

here is my EGL feedback page:

Thank you for looking (^o^)/

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