sidequestgames (sidequestgames) wrote in garagesalejapan,

More stuff for sale! LOTS of video games, plush, figurines, and more!

 Hi everyone!  I have a LOT of stuff for sale in my shop, all of which needs to find new homes before I can move out in a few months.  I have a lot of video games for sale (PS2, DS, GBA, and PSP), some that are even quite rare (such as Fatal Frame 2 and 3)!  I also have some interesting Final Fantasy merchandise throughout my shop that needs to be cleared out, as well as a good selection of plushes (including the discontinued and highly sought after Hiei plush from Yu Yu Hakusho) and a decent selection of figurines as well. I'm willing to accept offers on anything listed, so please take a look!

The link to my shop is HERE.  Thank you so much for your time!

Tags: posters, toys, video games
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