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Arina Tanamera, Sailor Moon, Natsumo Yujin items & CD's OST

I have several more items availible for sale new items are from natsumo this time. I only have one of each and this is all I have all others have sold out. More pics are in the cut! 
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 Hello all! I have a new update with a few new items.. I took the liberty of placing all the Natsumo Yujin items in one place. I only have one of each. So onto the listing!
Natsumo Yujin-Cho Mascot Phone strap $8
Natsumo Yujin-Cho Neko x-large mascot washcloth $6
Natsumo Yujin-Cho mascott fuzzy "Neko" keychain $4

Natsumo Yujin-Cho Neko windchime $10
Natsumo Yujin-cho blow up mascott cat $8
Natsumo Yujin-Cho Neko mascott Pen set $5

 Mecca Harajuku manga art double sided poster

 Mint, still in origional sleeve.
 Non-smoking home.
 Comes with Kodansha sticker on backside.
 Limited production piece.
 Released in Japan 1992.
 Entertaining offers $150+ Shipping

 Nakayoshi 40th Anniversery Event shopping bag ~ 
Entertaining offer's starting at $10 + shipping
Please note the following:  It will need to be folded at least 1 time in order for it to ship via First Class. 
Priority Shipping large box it can fit inside without folding but will need to be bent and stuffed well..
 Special event item
 Mint condition

 Large in size
 Multi series, double sided art

 Large Furoku Lot everything shown and more!
Weight: 4 1/2 - 5lbs - $25 + shipping

 Sailor Moon series mascott stamper sets.
Some are used while many of them have not been used.
Mask stamper set: $8
Molly/ Naru stamper set $10
Venus (pink) stamper set $8
Mercury stamper set (Jelly) $10
Mercury Stamper set (pink) $8
Jupiter Stamper set $8

 Sailor Moon Stars Pencil case ~
hard textured plastic zippered case.
Mint/ near mint, unused, smoke free home, Toei sticker still intact


 Sailor Moon "R" placemat
Oversized placemat. Laminated plastic, Japanese Toei item. Smoke free home

 Mini Japanese OST CD's
All are used., Smoke free home. All play perfectly. Each has OP & ED songs $8 each

. Anime OST CD's
Milk Crown series Drama CD.
Retail: 2,940 yen
$12 (Brand new)

Milk Crown series Drama CD "MIX"
Retail: 2,940 yen
$12 (Brand new)


Rei fu                                              Long Vacation                               Full Moon wo Sagashita
music (sealed), Japanese            Piano Pieces for lovers                 The Scanty/ I Love you
Retail: 1,020 yen                          Retail 1,000 yen, Japanese          Retail: 1,000 yen, Japanese
(Sealed,New) $10                         Used: $6                                            (sealed, new) $10.00

.Arina Tanemura Items

DIY (Do it yourself) box items(left to right)
$4, $5, $3, $5, $4


Full Moon wo Sagashita letter set $12
Full Moon wo Sagashita  Card/ photo album $10 
Cross notebook $6
Fairy Note $4
Full Moon Mitsukichan Kirakira Star Note $5.....


Fruits Basket Items
Fruits Basket thumb fan $7
Fruits Basket zen-in, clear poster $25
Fruits Basket clear mascot stationary & holder $8  
Fruits Basket  $2
Fruits Basket mascott postcard set $8 

Fruits Basket Stationary $4
Fruits Basket Mini mascott punch clip set $8
Fruits Basket gift bag $5
Fruits Basket CD bag 1 $3
Fruits Basket CD bag 1 $3
Fruits Basket "Fruity Clear File" $8
Fruits Basket clear file $6
Fruits Basket "Friendly File" $10
Fruits Basket Promo file $10 

Fruits Basket mascot pouch w/ mini painted mascotstone $8
Fruits Basket mini Mouse Pad $5
Fruits Basket cel phone stickers lg sheet! $8
Fruits Basket stationary book $3
Fruits Basket Notebook $4 

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